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Why multinationals need solid WAN/LAN integration for today’s communications

Learn about the drivers leading multinationals to pursue WAN/LAN integration and the benefits associated with managed telecom and network services.

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As networks are upgraded to support advanced communications applications, close WAN/LAN integration will be vital to delivering a consistent end user experience across geographies.

Many multinational corporations self-manage their IP telephony, videoconferencing and unified communications solutions today. But as the complexity of networks grows with the adoption of these newer applications, balancing cost efficiencies with managing performance-sensitive applications becomes a challenge. The starting point for many organizations is outsourcing their global WAN based on MPLS IP VPN.

This Technology Adoption Profile examines the drivers leading such corporations to pursue WAN/LAN integration, the benefits they associate with managed telecom and network services, and their current and future plans for managing their networks.

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