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Best storage TCO: In-house or in the cloud?

Hear Forrester’s Senior Analyst Rachel Dines discuss the latest trends and TCO potential of cloud storage in this new Q&A video. Then, download the Forrester report to read how in-house storage costs compared with storage in the cloud.

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With pay-as-you-go pricing, cloud storage can be a welcome addition to your storage environment. But it can be hard to analyze the costs of internal storage vs. external cloud storage with so many variables involved.

In the August 2011 report: “File Storage Costs Less in the Cloud Than In-House,” by Forrester Research, Inc., you can learn about ways to:

  • Create your own detailed model for accurate price comparisons
  • Determine capital, operational and staffing cost differences between internal and cloud storage
  • Identify which workloads are good candidates for the cloud
  • Calculate the costs of cloud storage options

File Storage Costs Less in the Cloud Than In-House

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File Storage Costs Less in the Cloud Than In-House

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